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Shopping Solutions

If you successfully apply for a merchant account from this site you get all these Free

If you have your own web site or are hosted with another company you can use SymCart to quickly build a shopping system which will integrate in to your existing web site.


If we host your site you can use SymShop to quickly build a fully integrated web site and store. The Online Wizard takes you step by step so even the most novice of users can build sophisticated looking web sites within minutes. SymShop can also be used as a standard web wizard if you just need to build a normal web site without a store.


Mail Order / Telephone Orders

Virtual Terminal

The VT is more like a PDQ machine which enables you to enter a figure manually and clear the transaction online. This solution allows you to authorise telephone orders or postal/fax orders. This solution is free and comes with your Merchant Account

If you do not currently have a web site or would like Symbiant to host your site then click here to set up a SymShop site (please note, you do not have to use the SymShop wizard to create your site, this is a free tool provided to all our customers).

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